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Are you candied out from Halloween?? Why not donate that candy to a great cause? Soldiers' Angels Treats for Troops Program will ship your donated candy to deployed service members around...

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And, lastly, the Halloween Candy Buy Back will collect your candy and pay you $1 for every pound you donate.

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To donate candy to our partnering non ... With the goal of removing excess Halloween candy from kids while ... If you want to donate to a local ...

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H., Check with your dentist as many dentists offer a "buy back" program on Halloween candy. You could also check into donating it to a shelter.

Do Something Sweet for the Troops: Donate Your Halloween Candy

Again, candy exchange events are commonly held at dentist offices or other local business, but you can also donate Halloween candy directly to the organization.

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To donate your candy, fill out the product donation form here, or search for a participating Halloween Candy Give-Back location near you here.

How To Donate Your Leftover Halloween Candy

The Today Show has a comprehensive list of charities that are accepting Halloween candy. By donating your leftover candy, you can make a child in need, or a soldier far from home, smile.

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Save yourself a cavity, and donate it to local service members, their families, and Minnesota's growing veteran population. One way is through Treats for Troops. It's a Halloween candy collection program...

Leftover Halloween Candy? Donate It To Our Troops.

Wondering what to do with left-over Halloween candy? Why not donate your leftover Halloween candy to our troops via the Operation Gratitude program?

Here are 3 things to do with leftover Halloween candy

Don't know what to do with pounds upon pounds of Halloween candy? Donate it to Operation Gratitude, plus other ideas.

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All donate halloween candy products. Piggy Helper. Install this app to gain access to a repository of containers in Linux Deploy.

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donate halloween candy. November 6, 2013. Mr. Fit. What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy. Mark Cinelli.

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Donate Candy to Our Troops. iStock/Thinkstock. Send a sweet thanks to our military by donating your candy to Halloween Candy BuyBack.

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All Halloween candy donations will be sent to U.S. military members through Operation Gratitude, a nonprofit organization whose

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Donating it to one of the charitable organizations listed below is an easy and fun way to teach your kids how to share and help others in less fortunate situations. Giving a portion of Halloween candy away...


The Treats for Troops Program will ship your donated candy to deployed service members around the world or distribute to veterans in VA Hospitals across the country.

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When: Ship Halloween candy by mid-November. Candy is accepted year-round but especially during the holidays.

Where to donate leftover Halloween candy in New Jersey high leading up to Halloween night, parents often wake up the next morning to piles of candy far too

Extra Halloween candy? Donate it for a good cause

If you have extra Halloween candy lying around your home, you can donate it to Tulsa Braces or a school of your choice for the school's chance to win some cash.

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Donations. I love the idea of using Halloween as an opportunity to teach kids about giving! Here are a few options for donating Halloween candy.

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Thank you to everyone that donated their left over Halloween candy! Since Trick or Treating was postponed in Hoboken...

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5. Donate it. seanmfreese/Flickr. Many organizations such as Soldier's Angels accept candy donations after the Halloween season ends.

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The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is collecting Halloween candy to donate to the children in Morristown Neighborhood House at the end of the month!

Halloween Candy Drive

The Halloween Candy Drive is a weeklong initiative aimed to teach children the power of giving through items

Donating Your Easter Candy

There are lots of options for donating Halloween candy (Stephanie P. did a great post on it) but fewer official programs and options in place for Easter.

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You can donate candy through Operation Gratitude. The troops love receiving these Halloween treats! Sell It: Have you heard of the website Halloween Candy Buyback?

Donate Donating your Halloween candy is a selfless way to share!

Organizations like Operation Gratitude distribute donated Halloween candy to our soldiers overseas. Be sure to send heat resistant candy (no chocolate)...

What to do with all of that Leftover Halloween Candy!

You can also donate candy to shelters for kids for Halloween. Find causes that accept candy locally. Swap it: Have a candy swap, so your kids get only candy they want!

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Dental Practices Send Donated Halloween Candy to Troops. Many dentist offices around the US have programs for children to donate their Halloween candy.

Donate Halloween Candy

Do a Google search for Halloween candy donation in your city. Many cities have programs to donate unopened Halloween candies.

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Halloween candy is food, so you can donate it just like any other food to a food pantry or similar charitable organization, using all the same common sense rules.

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Taking candy from children is usually frowned upon, but teaching kids the value of giving back by donating their excess Halloween candy in support of U.S. troops and first responders is a...

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You can also donate Halloween candy to charities that send care packages to servicemen and women deployed overseas to give them a much appreciated taste of home.

11 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

11. Donate your candy. You can donate your candy to Treats for Troops, Halloween Candy Buy Back, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Donate your candy to Operation Stars & Stripes, Inc. or the Halloween Candy Buyback program and they will fill stockings and packages with your candy and send them to deployed troops.